Monday, April 9, 2012

So since this is my first post ever, it should probably say something super important and memorable that will make you, my dear readers, want to come back and continue to read my words of wisdom. But guess what people? I can't think of what to write so my first post ever is going to just be about the struggles I had to overcome just to make this blog!

So when I first set off on my quest of creating this blog, I already had a wondrous name set out. Magabell was what it was going to be, but alas, the name was already taken. I went through about fifty more names and I still couldn't find one. Magaroon, Magstar, Magster, Magpie. All of these were taken. Either they were taken on blogspot or they were taken on Gmail. I only had one last option. This blog would have been called the Last Magatar if I couldn't come up with any other. I was just about to type this into Gmail when I had an epiphany. Your Magness. It wasn't taken. I eagerly filled out the form and gingerly typed out each letter that formed a word until the blog became what you see now.

That's it. The end.